US LGC Giveaway - January 2024

Enter to win a Legion Pro 5 or Lenovo Legion Go!

We're giving away 1x Legion Pro 5 Laptop and 1x Legion Go Handheld, for first and second prizes respectively this month in the Legion US Community.

Not from the US? Keep an eye on these upcoming giveaways in other regions:

  • (UK/EU) Legion Go UK Community Giveaway
  • (AU) Legion Go AU Community Giveaway

What games would you put to the test on these machines?

Contest open to US community members only. You must have a Legion Gaming Community account to be eligible to win. See full terms in widget.

  • With 85 minutes left in the giveaway, I find myself comparing how many entries I have with the total, 41 to 72k. The odds are insanely low. The likelihood of me winning this are about the same of winning the lottery. In fact, this is just a lottery of electronics, but for free. With such odds, I don't see me winning. But I do still have a glimmer of hope lying around. You clearly do because you are reading this. May we possibly both win something good. Winning this would be extremely fortunate. A message to the winners. Be grateful. For the love of everything, you got something for free. So make sure you remember where it came from. Be thankful. Be happy. And remember to keep a sense of humor.

    You read this, why? 

  •  ,

    Your odds are orders of magnitude better than lottery odds.

    I'm aware your statement is (likely) hyperbolic. But, it may not be. Some actually believe that a 1:1772 chance is virtually identical to ≈1:292,200,000 or ≈1:302,600,000 chance (Powerball and Mega Millions, respectively).

    Playing the big prize lotteries — at $2/play — requires over $330K worth of plays, just to have the same (unlikely) 1:1772 chance.

    Lenovo's Community giveaways are free to enter.

    And if you're a real person — with legitimate entries — your chances of winning are better than you may think. A large number of those 72,647 entries are bogus. And   knows it. Ben, Lenovo, and Gleam take steps to eliminate the bogus entries. But, I've been assured by Ben — and the paperwork required to collect my prize — that it is difficult for a bogus account (winning-entry) to actually claim the prize. If the entry or account is bogus —or they just can't claim the prize — then Ben draws another (potential) winner.

    Repeat if necessary. :-)

    You know that you can get your entries over 200, right? With daily activity on the Legion Gaming Community forums? I recommend you start by posting a discussion topic. One which you actually care about.

    I find it easy to engage, with meaningful replies, when I reply to the replies on a topic which I chose. Low-effort engagement may not be counted. So, even if it's not yours, find a topic for which you actually have thoughts you want to share. And express your opinion or share your experience.

    Just a suggestion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯​

  • Dang, was not expecting that. But solid reply.

  • Dang, was not expecting that. But solid reply.

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