NA Legion Go Cross-Community Giveaway - March 2024

Support Legion fan communities for your chance to win a Legion Go!

We're teaming up with the fan-led Legion Go Subreddit and Legion Go Discord server to offer one lucky community member the chance to win a Legion Go. Join all three communities for your chance to win, plus claim bonus "secret code" entries by participating in a scavenger hunt through the communities! There are a total of 15 secret codes you can find here, on Discord, and on Reddit.

Since we announced the Legion Go last year, we've been blown away by the community support for this product. Official and unofficial community spaces alike feature some amazing members who create phemonenal content and discussions on the Legion Go each day. We want to recognize that, and give back to our community supporters across platforms by offering a chance to win!

This contest is for US and CA residents only for now, but if it's received well, we may run more collabs and expand to EU in future versions. Please remember that fan/"unofficial" spaces are not moderated or maintained by official Lenovo staff. See full terms in widget above. 

  • Whoa! The specs of the controllers alone hold interesting generative soundscape potential. It appears that connecting the detachable controllers of the Legion Go through a small MIDI interface and then to a modular music synthesizer you could control voltage in a semi automated way. By associating the controller inputs with various synthesis parameters, the Legion Go has the opportunity to serve as a gaming platform that integrates gameplay with real-time sound generation and manipulation. Normal gameplay with the joysticks, buttons, and touchpad could be programed to trigger specific freq, feedbk, rate, & amount ranges to dynamically shape the audio environment, resulting in a disco rave, triphop, ambient, etc... experience where the game's world is granularly reflected through soundscape generation. Just imagine a low-volume, background fusion of gaming and ambient music....who knows, maybe it would take a session to some unparalleled level of crushing gameplay & sonic immersion. Perhaps if the gameplay and the generative music was recoded someone would call it performance art. Who knows, maybe Go can ride the rough string? Dudes be getting paid playing gigs at night clubs by just gaming on Lenovo Go while connected to their Modular/Digital Game-Synth Hybrid ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪     Notes (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  • <3

  • Congrats to James! 

  • Was hoping to get this for my B-day today!

  • Good Luck y'all!