US LGC Laptop Giveaway - March '23

Enter to win a Legion Slim 7 Laptop!

Mixing things up this month with an all-AMD Legion Slim 7 laptop!
The Slim 7 series specializes in portability. Where will you take it if you are lucky enough to win?
Let us know in the comments below!

Contest open to US community members only. You MUST have a Legion Gaming Community account to be eligible to win. See full terms in widget.

  • I think I may be the winner but I'm not sure on this 

  • That's odd, perhaps the mods have a way to look into that.

  • congrats, Derek T!!!!

  • At 13:29 (EDT) on 09-APR-2023, there were 47,989 entries.  At 03:55 (EDT) on 08-ARP-2023, there were 46,226 entries.

    Somehow — at 04:28 (EDT) on 10-APR-2023 — the giveaway ended with 162,824 entries???

    Each day leading up to that, added another 1,000–2,000 entries.  In just 15 hours — from 13:29 on the 9th to 04:28 on the 10th — 114,835 entries were added!?!

    I guess... the total number of accounts entering increased 25X–100X.  That must be it: 150–300 accounts doing 6 entries/day became 15,000–30,000 accounts during the final hours.

    Was anyone else capturing their daily entries?  I've got screenshots with timestamps.  I'm not imagining it or relying on memories.

  • Grats to Derek T!  Slight smile