Screaming Chicken - Sweepstakes (2023)

Enter for your chance to win a "Screaming Chicken" Steam key!

Screaming Chicken is a nutty multiplayer party game stuffed with madness and a wide variety of unique destructible levels. Pick the daffiest screaming chicken in a stylish outfit, find the craziest weapon, and roast other chickens! Who will be the last chicken standing? Buck buck bacaw!

Contest is open through August 21st. US Only.

This key must be redeemed via Steam. To redeem your Steam key, please follow these instructions.

  • Game looks fun!  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • good luck!

  • thank you

  • Looks good with the user made levels. A games gets a big plus in my opinion if it was this option

  • Games looks fun. Thank you.