Spirit of the Island US - Sweepstakes

Enter for your chance to win a "Spirit of the Island" Steam key!

Spirit of the Island is a colorful coop life-sim RPG set on a tropical Archipelago. Build your farm, grow crops and animals, craft various items, cook exquisite dishes, gather resources, build shops and museums to attract visitors, and turn a desolate Island into a prosperous tourist destination!

Contest is open through January 16th. US Only.
We will also be giving out keys via featured special during the week of Jan 9th - 13th, so stay tuned!

This key must be redeemed via Steam. To redeem your Steam key, please follow these instructions.

  • looks awesome! Thank you! 

  • What an adorable little game. I love that it has co-op... I would definitely love to play it with my SO.

  • Haha, we cover all of the genres Smiley

  • Steam!!

  • Other pc companies: we only play hardcore games for tough ppl

    Lenovo Legion: come on and hang with a cute cozy game Slight smile