The Tale of Bistun (Game Key Drops)

Claim a free Epic Games Store key for "The Tale of Bistun!

This page is for our  game DROPS system. On Tuesday (Sep 13th) and Thursday (Sep 15th), visit at 11am EST sharp for your chance to grab a free key!
Available exclusively to Legion Gaming Community members while supplies last.

Please note that keys are very limited for this promo and likely to run out within ~5 minutes of drop open. 
If available keys expire, we encourage you to enter our Sweepstakes for the key instead, or claim a key by using Channel Points on our Twitch page!

The Tale of Bistun is a story-driven action-adventure game inspired by the famous Persian tragic romance “Khosrow and Shirin”. A stone carver with no memory of who he is must traverse blighted lands to discover his identity and the source of a pleading, strangely familiar whisper.

This key must be redeemed via Epic Games Store. To redeem your key, please go here.

  • I really don't have a preference, but Steam is usually used so I just assumed it was there.

  • Yeah, I realized this after I posted. I will leave up my comment as a testament to my inattention. Thanks for the heads up, though.

  • Hmmm... can't guess what could rhyme with that... Stuck out tongue

    Glad you got a key though! I believe the next month or so of keys is back to Steam keys.

  • It did say Steam last Friday, we updated it to Epic after learning the keys were mislabed when sent to us. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Glad you got one!