Ylands - Exploration Pack (DLC Key Drops)

Grab a key for a Ylands 'Exploration Pack' - first come first serve, while keys last!


  • Unlocks all Adventure Mode regions instantly
  • Includes a special Legion-themed pet, "Legion Lars"

Adventure awaits you and your friends in the world of Ylands! Gather resources, craft tools, build anything and everything, and explore the lands! Build a ship and set sail, encountering mythical animals, a wide variety of sea-life, enemies of all kinds and much more! Stunning low-poly visuals, relaxed atmosphere and oh-so-many things to experience!

This page is for our DROPS system - which is now LIVE. There is no time limit for this giveaway, but keys are extremely limited and likely to run out. Get yours now.

Redemption Instructions:
This key must be redeemed in-game (Ylands):

  • Whilst in-game, click 'Shop'
  • Click 'Redeem Code'
  • Follow the instructions to redeem your code

  • Just bumped it up to the top, since keys are still active!

  • I'm guessing it's an old giveaway from 1 year ago, just a repost?

  • LNV-23-92J-AMS
  • Hello,
    me after clicking on "Link your Legion Community Account",
    I go to the lenovo gaming page(that is correct), but then back to gleim.com
    and now it tells me that I have a maximum number of attempts and I can't do it anymore.

    (I used google translate).

    czech lang.

    ahoj, mě to stále po kliknutí na "Link your Legion Community Account", hodí na stránku gaming lenovo a hned mě to zase hodí nazpět na stránku gleim.com a teď mi to píše že mám max pokusů a už mi to nejde.

  • I'm gonna pass on this one so someone much more interested can get the DLC. Enjoy!! Slight smile