Meet Fultec, an Affiliate Partner for Lenovo Legion.

Hello There! I’m Chris but you can call me Fultec!

I’m a content creator and programmer on Twitch & Youtube. I run the FultecGaming, BrainDeadGuild and LegionDiscounts Youtube/Twitch channels as well as the discount site. I’m also an Affiliate and founding member of the Legion Gaming Community!

You can frequently find me playing games like Old School Runescape, Fortnite, Valorant, Valheim , Minecraft, and much more! I try to keep my streams friendly and low toxicity while playing with viewers and followers! I have a long background in Supply Chain Management but my real passion is Computer programming. My most recent project is codename FultecBot. Want to learn more about FultecBot? Send me a message in Discord!

I host product giveaways through my Youtube and Twitch channels. I also provide weekly updates on AFFILIATE EXCLUSIVE discounts and rewards codes that give you FREE money to use on! Need help finding a good deal? Message me on Discord and I’ll try my best to make sure you get the right computer with the best deals available!