Meet Fuslie, a Global Ambassador for Lenovo Legion.

About Fuslie

Name: Leslie (you can call me Leslie or Fuslie, whatever you prefer)
Nicknames: fuslie (pronounced: foozly)
Ethnicity/Nationality: Chinese-American
IGN/Server: fuslie, NA
When did I start streaming?: I started streaming February 21st, 2015 :O I got partnered in September of 2015 and went full-time in 2016.
What do I stream?: I'm a variety streamer!!! I mostly do lots of Just Chatting, variety gaming, and singing at the ends of my stream. You might know me as the Twitch Sings girl hair flip or from that one engagement clip with my fiancé, Edison! I also started Streamer Camp with boxbox in 2018 :D
Education: Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine. I was in graduate school at UCLA for a little before I dropped out to stream full-time :O


Offline? Check out Fuslie's YouTube uploads below: