Meet the Legion - Bluuf

Today, we're meeting Bluuf!

"Bluuf" has been an active member of the Legion community since our first Apex Legends coins event. If Apex is being played, you can bet that Bluuf will show up.

Bluuf told us that the weekly Community Streams are his favorite part of the Legion community:

"I like the weekly live streams, it's fun to drop in now and then, sometimes even play a game."


Quick Hits

First game: Assassin's Creed

Favorite all-time games: Hollow Knight, Apex Legends, Warframe.

Current games: Apex Legends, Warframe, Destiny 2, GTA V and MGS: TPP.

Legion gear: Legion Y540


What does "Gaming Community" Mean to Bluuf?

"Gaming community to me means a community where people can play games together and ask for help about a game. My favorite gaming memory is probably when I first got to play a cooperative game with my friends. That's what community is about."

Thanks for being an LGC Founder, Bluuf!


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