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This week we are meeting DhaosMakina!

DhaosMakina is a Twitch streamer who loves a variety of games from Retro to MMOs. You can catch him streaming games such as Final Fantasy 6/14; Pokémon Sword/Shield; Beat Saber amongst many others. You never know if he’ll be streaming his Oculus Rift S, Nintendo Switch, or straight from his Legion Y740! 


Quick Hits:

Favorite all-time games – Breath of Fire Series 

First game – Bubble Bobble on NES

Current games – Borderlands 3, Fallout:76, Final Fantasy 14, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Beat Saber

Content creator - Twitch

Lenovo/Legion gear - Legion Y740 17" Gaming Laptop (what a beast of a machine this is!)


What Does Gaming Community mean to DhaosMakina?

"To me a gaming community is a place where people can meet, group up and share interests, it's a extended family of sorts, in a way you end up spending as much time as people in the community as you do with family and end up regarding them as friends. The greatest benefit being no matter where you are in the world you can are still able to enjoy having a good time with people no matter the distance.”

You can catch DhaosMakina on the Legion Chat, Twitch, and on Legion Discord server.

You might also catch him achievement hunting Wink


Thank you for being a Legion Founder, Dhaos!


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