Today, we're meeting iTonbo!

iTonbo is an enthusiastic and energizing member of the Legion Gaming Community! 

He bring a lot of positivity and energy to the community while balancing a busy life of family, work, and school.


What does "gaming community" meant to iTonbo?

"Gaming Community to me means family. We are like minded people who game and make up a family cell.

We game together, we play together, and we support each other!"


About iTonbo

"I'm new to streaming and it definitely shows, but I love when people discover stream and we just hang out in chat, I try to be as interactive as possible. I like to play all kinds of games, reaching to Mario kart, to Escape from Tarkov, back to Untitled Duck Game. I just love playing video games.

Right now I'm currently working on my Software and Game Development Degree at Neumont College of Computer Science, while juggling work, and spending time with my family."


Quick Hits: 

Username: iTonbo

Preferred Social Media:

First game: My first memory of playing video games was playing Super Mario Brothers on the SNES

All-time favorite game: The Legend of Zelda series

Current Favorite Games: Call Of Duty MW, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Escape from Tarkov

Current Lenovo Gear: ThinkPad P1 Gen 2 (i9)


iTonbo told us he loves two main things about Legion:

"Reliability, and community so far."


Thanks for being a great, active member of the LGC, iTonbo! 


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