Meet Mckittens.

Mckittens is a Twitch streamer who specializes in streaming FPS titles like Overwatch, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty. He's been on Twitch since 2012, and is a Twitch Affiliate. He's also a staff member here at Lenovo!

Mckittens told us that he loves the intentionality seen in the Legion line. 

"I love the innovation and thought behind each product. Nothing is there, just to be there. Legion really understands what gamers want."


Quick Hits:

Favorite games - City of Heroes, Battlefield Series, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Jedi Knight Academy, Planetside, Halo:CE

First game - Star Wars: X Wing Vs Tie Fighter on Windows 98

Current games - Overwatch, World of Warships, Call of Duty, Destiny 2

Content creator - Twitch

Lenovo/Legion gear - Legion H500 Headset


What does "Gaming Community" mean to Mckittens?

"Gaming community to me means family. Being able to jump into adventure or a raid with your friends who you never may meet in real life, but just as important to your life as a brother and sister is. Nothing beats the thrill of coordinating 300+ players to take over a base in Planetside 2. Getting that perfect head shot/combo with your buddy in Destiny 2. Or sending the payload into overtime to win the match in Overwatch. That is when your group of randos you play with becomes your community."

Mckittens' Twitch Channel


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