Today, we're meeting Meepa!

Meepachan maintains a personal blog and is soon making the dive into gaming content creation. She's a big fan of PVE and survival games like ARK, with a passion for community engagement.

Meepa told us that she loves the long-term reliability of Legion machines.

"I love how durable and dependable the computers are. I've gone through several brands (within budget ranges) and none have lasted for me as long as Lenovo has. My oldest computer (currently in my possession) is a Lenovo laptop!"


Quick Hits

First game: Golden Sun for GBA

Favorite all-time games: Tomb Raider (2013), Rune Factory 4, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Current games: Monster Hunter World, ARK

Content creator: YouTube, Blog 

Legion gear: Legion Y530, Legion M500, Legion K500


What Does Gaming Community mean to Meepachan?

"Gaming community is a very multi-faceted term for me, mostly because it encompasses so much in just two words. For me a gaming community is a site, chat, center, location (etc) that is centered around playing games of various kinds (Whether that be computer, or tabletop, or console) and focused on building relationships between players. A gaming community is a place you can go to where you can find like-minded people to discuss games you like, games you want help on, computer issues, so on so forth. 

A good gaming community to me is one that fosters a friendly environment, while also being fair and respectful to its members."


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  • Nice to meet you Meepa, thanks for all that you do.