This week, we're meeting RedBeardedNinja!

RedBeardedNinja is a Facebook streamer who specializes in streaming titles like Fortnite, Rainbow 6: Siege, and Pokemon. He started on Mixer in 2017, then dabbled in Twitch before eventually deciding on Facebook Gaming as his main streaming platform.

Red told us that he loves the reliability seen in the Legion line. 

"They have the best support, and have always been fast and efficient."


Quick Hits:

Favorite games - Halo, Forza Horizon series, Fornite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Pokemon

First game - Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Genesis

Current games - Fortnite, Pokemon, And Rainbow Six Siege.

Content creator - Facebook Gaming

Lenovo/Legion gear - Legion Y520 Laptop


What does "Gaming Community" mean to RedBeardedNinja?

"Helping others grow as myself grows. Being friends and supporting others. I think the key to a good community is good leadership and team players willing to help others out when they need it. When we all focus on one goal together nothing is impossible."


Red's FB.GG Channel


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