Meet Ryvalok, a Lenovo Employee!

Ryvalok is a UX Designer working directly on the Gaming Community project. He enjoys the Lenovo Legion brand because of its appeal to everyday gamers:

"I'm not really a fan of the hardcore, energy-drinking, esports-focused lifestyle most gaming brands portray themselves as. I think Legion does an excellent job relating to people like me who balance an average life of work and play."


Quick Hits

First game: Pokemon Red

Favorite all-time games: Dark Souls/Bloodborne, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Halo, Destiny, League of Legends, Diablo... There are just too many too list!

Current games: League of Legends (Clash), Valorant, FF7 Remake

Legion gear:  Legion T730 and Legion H500


What Does Gaming Community mean to Ryvalok?

"Gaming community to me is an inclusive and supportive place free of toxicity. 

A place where passionate players can come together and bond over shared interests and late night gaming sessions. Oh and the more memes the better..."


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