Meet TheHoBoLoBo!

TheHoBoLoBo is a friendly content creator who enjoys FPS games like Halo and Call of Duty. You can find HoBoLoBo running around the warzone on his Legion Y920T when he isn’t busy making friends around the Legion Gaming Community. Keep an eye on this one, you never know what fun snippets he’ll post on YouTube!

He enjoys Lenovo Legion products for their power and sleek looks: 

"I have a Y920T! I love the looks of this desktop its very aggressive looking. Also it's the most powerful gaming console I have ever had."


Quick Hits

First game: Halo

Favorite all-time games: Halo

Current games: Halo, Call of Duty, Rocket League

Content creator: YouTube 

Legion gear: Legion Y920T


What Does Gaming Community mean to TheHoBoLoBo?

"The gaming community to me is something very special! Its meeting people that you would normally never meet, experiencing personalities that you would never come across in a lifetime. Making friendships that last for years."