A Minecraft Player Has Spent 3 Years Creating a Fake US City

Creating something is Minecraft is easy.

It’s sort of what the game is about, unless you prefer the more survival-based approach of going straight for the Ender Dragon. Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible creations from players and groups of players’ minds. Heck, teams are deep into the process of re-creating lands like Tolkien’s Middle Earth in stunning detail. That’s all well and good, but what redditor the_balazs has done alone is truly something else.

Working alone for the better part of three years, balazs has recreated a beautiful if unreal US city, complete with a variety of different skyscrapers, ships, greenery, and even cranes seemingly in the process of bringing to life more buildings.

Using WorldEdit – a mod that enables copying and pasting, scripting, schematics and more - to speed things up somewhat, what this person has done by hand is still work done at an incredible scale, and over a significant period of time.

I’m proud if I can put together a half-decent wooden 4x4 home in-game. You can check out full-resolution screenshots of balazs’ creation via the following Reddit link, and if you want to explore the map in-game, you can download it from Planet Minecraft here.

Great work, balazs! Have Minecraft creations of your own to show off? Drop them in the comments below!\