When can we finally be star boys?

The space sim, Star Citizen, has been in development since 2011, and since then, has acquired millions of backers and hundreds of millions in backer funding, becoming one of the most crowd-funded games of all time, with over $313 million raised as of this month.

With all that attention and such a lengthy development time, naturally comes questions – questions people online have been asking Cloud Imperium Games, the studio behind the title. “When is the game releasing?” “Where is the money being spent?”. These questions are common on forums and Reddit, and visiting any such site, you’ll find naysayers and those keen to prove that Star Citizen is a scam, a promise never to be delivered.

Chris Roberts, founder of Cloud Imperium Games, recently spoke out, after a player made a video about one of the game’s systems, and their frustration with a lack of progress. Responding directly to the player, but also a response to many of the questions surrounding the game, Roberts had this to say:

“My biggest disappointment with modern internet discourse is that there's a significant amount of cynicism, especially in forum or reddit debates, and a portion of people assume the worst. If a feature is missing, late or buggy it's because the company or the developer lied and or / is incompetent as opposed to the fact that it just took longer and had more problems than the team thought it would when they originally set out to build it. Developers by their very nature are optimistic. You have to be to build things that haven't ever been built before.”

Roberts continued, stating that they’re building something new, and the way that they’re building the game – systemically – means they can offer more emergent gameplay opportunities. The downside? It takes time, and this frustrates the developers behind the game as much as anyone.

It’s worth reading the full reply, as Roberts goes on in-depth to explain much of the reasoning and logic behind the game’s progress and the decisions the developers are making. Wrapping up however, Roberts promises the game is coming, and sooner than the hecklers claim:

“I can promise you the gameplay I described is not a pipe dream, nor will it take 10 to 20 years to deliver.”

Image: robertsspaceindustries.com