Check out our interview with Liu Teng, the producer of the “Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown” series.

How long have you been working in the games industry?  

I have been making games since 2012, and I do not plan to stop. 

What’s the story behind your game?  

The original intention was very simple: to make players laugh. Laughter is a very rare emotional experience in games, but it is very important for people's entertainment. There are 9 comedy films in the top 20 in China, but how many games with comedy elements are in the top 20 of Chinese game sales, especially in the post-epidemic times when people are off the stress and knocked doors? 

Speaking about the core design ideas, we mainly emphasize comedy effects, physical effects, and rich game experience through emergent design. Our team has been making physical comedy games since 2017 and has accumulated some experience. And what could be funnier than the Screaming Chickens that you could see almost everywhere and they always make you laugh. 

Why this game?

We first made a hyper-casual mobile game. We observed that there were many successful cases of physics games in the hyper-casual field in overseas markets, but at that time, the business model of such games had just emerged in China. Therefore, we decided to break through from the point of humor and comedy, which achieved good market performance at that time and gave us great confidence to expand to Steam. 

Every team has its own genes, and past experiences will bring unique understanding in certain directions. I can say that I am a genuine comedy fan. Moreover, the team has already accumulated some experience in physics games, so we decided to make a physics-based comedy game. 

What Was your role in this game? 

I am the producer of the "Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown" series, and I am in charge of the game design, production and overall operations. Plus, I am in charge of the online server works. 

What has the reception of this game been like?  

After our first game became popular, we felt that this kind of relaxed and joyful party game could be recognized and accepted by players. So, I pulled the team together to make the demo of "Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown". After the demo was completed, we were invited to participate in Indie Prize and won two big awards, which gave us great encouragement. 

When we participated in the IndiePrize competition, there was a six or seven-year-old boy in the player trial session who beat three adults, and everyone laughed happily. Our game also won the audience choice award at the time. When we saw everyone laughing, the game design purpose may have been achieved. 

After the game was launched, we also received support from players, which further strengthened our determination to make this party game the best.

Any important lessons learned in the game since release?  

For independent game projects, I think there are two common approaches. The first is to find a promising niche gameplay and continuously accumulate the competitive advantage, which is exemplified by Paradox Interactive. The other is to have enough foresight to keenly perceive emerging gameplay trends, but the difficulty lies in being quick and combining with one's own strengths. For example, the team behind "V Rising" leveraged their expertise in ARPGs and combined it with the popular open world + survival building trend. In any case, to sustain success, continuous accumulation in one's own field of expertise is necessary. 

Work Life 

What does your day-to-day look like? 

As a game producer, every day is very busy. During the day, I need to deal with various R&D and planning affairs, and at night, I will take the time to pay attention to players' feedback and reviews. If I see meaningful suggestions, I will write them down and discuss them with the team the next day. By the way, during the development cycle, our team has a very interesting activity. Before leaving the office every day, the team play-tested the new maps that have been planned and built recently, and judge which map to use in the game based on which map brings us the most joy. This is really a rare and interesting time in the boring development time. 

A lot of readers of these interviews also want to work in games, what advice do you have for those wanting to work in gaming? Especially for your role?  

Doing anything is similar. You need to confirm whether the track has prospects, whether you have the ability to seize the opportunity, and be mentally prepared to invest energy for many years. Then just enjoy the process. Making games is still quite hard, there are many details to work on, and it's hard to persist without passion. Making games is a way for me to achieve self-realization and expression. I really enjoy the process of building a world from scratch and making countless players love and even addicted to it. This sense of achievement is unparalleled. 

Is the game accessible for new players?  

I believe that "Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown" is a game that can be easily picked up by players of any age and gaming experience. It has no complex mechanics or high barriers to entry, and all design logic and language are naturally integrated into the game experience flow. I believe that when you enter the game and experience a match, you will understand what I mean. 

What’s the best way to learn/master the game?  

The best way is to open the game and play. This is a light, soft and easy-to-get into type of a game that is suitable for all ages. Also, we would highly recommend it as a party game – you will get a lot of fun with your friends. 

How do you balance implementing community suggestions/feedback with following your own design/vision choices?  

This is a great question. In fact, the suggestions from players and the community are not opposed to our own design concepts in mind. On the contrary, I am very grateful for the feedback from our community and all players. Many good ideas and opinions have been recorded and planned for implementation. What impressed me the most was when a streamer that drew a game skin that he wanted based on the body shape of our game protagonist. When we saw the concept art, we all agreed that these exclusive skins would be great when made! So, we kept in touch with the players and put the skins into the game for free. I think this is a very cool thing! 

I also want to say here that we welcome all new ideas and suggestions. Perhaps your inspiration could become live in the game!

Anything you can share about future plans for your studio? 

Currently, our team's focus is on "Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown", and we have also discussed some ideas for future updates, including new maps and the Single Player campaign, gameplay, characters, and so on. In fact, we have drawn a lot of inspiration from the comments of players, haha. 

Anything you want to plug before we sign off?  

Welcome everyone to join us on Steam or Discord for communication, or contact our fantastic publisher Meta Publishing. We look forward to interacting with you and hearing your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas! 

Bonus Questions!  

Favorite game of all time?

"Total War: Three Kingdoms" is a game that I believe every boy has a dream about. Personally, I also enjoy the ancient war style, and the game's stunning graphics and strong sense of immersion make me feel like I am really there. 

First real game you ever played?  

Nintendo's "Super Mario" on the NES console was a significant part of my childhood. Even back then, this game was already very popular, and it continues to be so today. 

Games you’re playing the most right now, when you have time?  

"Dave the Diver" game, where you fish during the day and run a shop at night, is simply too cool. 

One Underrated Game that you think more people should play?  

"Magicka 2" is a game that I think is very creative, including its key bindings that are similar to Dota. In the game, you need to learn some spells to summon, making you feel like a great wizard. The gameplay is mainly PvP, and I also enjoy this kind of game that allows me to interact with real people. 

What element matters most to you in a game?  

I believe that emotional experience is essential to me, and I think that gameplay, art, themes, and other elements all serve the player's emotional experience. Therefore, in "Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown," I also want to bring more fun to everyone and achieve the effect of improvisational comedy, so that everyone can not only enjoy the happiness of winning in the end but also have fun in the game process. 

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