We're working on something big for the Legion Community, and we need your help.

Exclusive Future Shaper badges are up for grabs to the first 10 members who sign up to be part of our community superuser interview!

In the interview, you'll speak directly with Lenovo UX Researchers about an upcoming Legion Community project to give your thoughts and feedback. It's a brand-new concept for the community that we're pretty excited about, and is inspired by our members' love of indie game titles. You'll have to join the interview to find out more Slight smile


Only 10 slots available! Sign up here:


  • Exactly!

  • I'm excited about this!

  • Awesome 

  • Well, I'm late as usual, but it's probably for the better because it seems like my taste is always different than most everybody else's. I can't wait to see what changes you all have coming up.

  • Great opportunity for those in the US, look forward to seeing what Legion has in store in the future as already love the numerous interviews with the different gaming Devs and the support behind Indie titles in general