Learn more about Lenovo Communities - Gaming, Student, & Small Business

This year, Lenovo is committed to building active, engaging communities for all.

We've launched three new spaces for you to connect and collaborate with other gamers, students, and entrepreneurs.


Legion Gaming Community

Whether you’re a grizzled Legion veteran or a fresh recruit, there’s plenty to explore on the Lenovo Legion Gaming Community.

  • Forum discussions to chat with like-minded gamers about everything from MOBAs to mobile gaming.
  • The latest news, videos (including our very own Twitch streams!), and events from the world of Legion.
  • Exclusive perks and freebies for our members, including discounts, beta key giveaways, and Legion desktop wallpapers.

Based on our Legion brand, we're seeking to build a gaming community open to all, whether or not you're a Legion owner yourself.



LenovoEDU Community

Our EDU community is designed for students, educators, and parents looking to learn and grow with each other.

  • Join groups for topics to engage in discussions with peers and experts within the community.
  • Browse our extensive catalog of educational content including articles, videos, and more.
  • Discover exclusive content from partners like Udemy, Outschool, Microsoft, Meridian Treehouse, and more.

If you're looking for other students, teachers, and parents to connect with, the LenovoEDU community is your one-stop-shop.


LenovoPRO Community

You have a new space to accelerate your business growth and discover new solutions to shared struggles along with your peers in the LenovoPRO Community.

  • Grow your business with resources like articles, infographics and eBooks on topics from financial management, IoT, marketing and beyond.
  • Connect with others in forums to discuss COVID-19 support, edge computing, productivity hacks and everything in between.
  • Earn points and badges, get chances to win rewards, and access exclusive savings just for being part of the community.

Free to you as a small business owner or IT pro, the LenovoPRO Community is part of the support you automatically receive as a member of the LenovoPRO Store (also free!).