Why do we game? 

To connect. To belong.

To escape. To win.

This is why we play.

Live up to any challenge with a gaming laptop as powerful and stylish as you are.

To be the best. To beat the best.

Gear up at Lenovo.com/legion

OK, OK. We know it’s just a brand video, but, come on. CHILLLLLLLLLLLLLS.

Everyone here at Lenovo couldn’t be more excited about what’s in store for Lenovo Legion in 2022. Between all the new gear and everything going down here on the Legion Gaming Community, we hope you join us for the ride.

Gaming brings us together.

So, why do YOU game? Share your story by posting a comment below.

  • Because it's fun!

  • I play to switch off and look at the pretty environments, plus some epic boss battles on nightmare difficulty. So gratifying!

  • What are they trying to win anyway? Isn't the highest paying game DOTA 2? You don't need much to play that and it's not even a FPS. 

  • I game for the joy, the passion, the camaraderie, and to decompress after a long day.

  • I do game for fun and I love it:)