Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord Becomes an 800-Player MMO Thanks to This Mod

Modders can and often do crazy things with games.

We’ve seen entire new games spring out of modding creativity (where do you think DOTA and Counter:Strike come from, eh?). Given the right level of freedom, and supplied with the right tools, there are few things these dedicated folks can’t do with games.

It’s for this reason, I’m entirely unsurprised by the news that someone has created a mod for the open-world medieval life simulator that is Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord that transforms the game into a playground for hundreds of players.

Dubbed Bannerlord Online, the mod provides a multiplayer experience for you and your friends (and plenty of people besides) to truly live the medieval life; you’ll work together to plant and harvest crops to make a little money, partake in the bloodsport offered by the arenas in major cities, and even team up to wage battles.

Now, some differences from the normal single-player experience; firstly, there’s no pausing, which you’d expect given if every player was pausing the game, there’d be chaos throughout the land. The players themselves will control the game’s economy, producing raw materials and delivering them. Every hero you meet will be a real player, not an AI, and there’ll be plenty of unique perks designed for this multiplayer experience for you to strategise around as you venture forth.

It’s a massive undertaking, and it’s set to lead to an exciting future for the game, where we’re all navigating the battlefields and politics of Bannerlord together. As someone who’s poured more than just a few hours into the single player portion of the game already, I can’t wait to grab some buddies and test this out for myself, especially when it’s further along.

What about you? Already downloading the mod to test it out? What do you make of a co-op Bannerlord experience? Let us know in the comments below!