Plague Inc’s The Cure Update Coming to PC


No Escaping the Plague (inc).

In a world where we’re all wearing masks and avoiding one other, it’s unsurprising that Plague Inc has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity in recent months. A game that has stood the test of time; I remember playing it back at the start of the ‘10s, and it’s still going strong, 8 years after its initial release.

Now the Cure update is on its way to PC players, a major DLC pack that will – according to the developers – be “big enough to be a brand new game”. It’ll be completely free while the ongoing health situation continues globally, showing Ndemic Creations are acutely aware of Plague Inc’s premise and its relation to what the world is currently facing.

So, what’s in the update? Well, working with the WHO, CEPI, and GOARN (no need to know what all those acronyms mean, they’re all global infectious disease organizations), the developers have designed The Cure DLC to give players an additional layer to playing Plague Inc.

Taken from the Steam blog, here’s what you’ll be getting up to once the update releases:

“Plague Inc: The Cure sees players balance social, economic and global health factors in order to keep the disease under control whilst also maintaining public trust.”

Time to help save the world (even if only in digital fiction), gamers. Stay safe, enjoy playing games, and keep your eyes open for the update coming soon.

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