Show us your best Legion setups!

Think you've got a cool gaming setup/battlestation? We want to see it!

We're looking for the snazziest photos of your Legion gaming setups to share on official Legion social media. Bonus points if it's holiday-themed! The top submissions will be featured on our Twitter/X + Instagram Lenovo Legion social accounts, including a shoutout for your own social accounts (if you like).

To participate, simply drop a photo of your setup in the comments below. Be sure to include your Twitter/IG handle, if you'd like to get a shoutout (optional). Don't forget to upvote your favorites from other community members!

  • Wow you all have nice setups! Well done! Happy holidays one & all!

  • WOW great setups!! Love the use of external monitors here!

  • PInballFX and/or Zaccaria Pinball. Using an app called SuperDisplay on andorid that creates a second screen that you can plug the Legion Go onto. 

  • That is a great setup. Would have never thought of this. Nicely done. Will have to try this myself.

    Can you please share which app / gam this is? did you extend the screen or do something else to get this working?

  • I have 2 setups i can show off. the first on i already have which is my traveler setup.

    The 2nd one is my home work setup. i am in the process of moving all my regular work activities over to my legion go.

    It blows my mind that i can work on 3 screens with this setup. and then switch over to playing in handheld mode when i need a break.