Twitch Highlights: Indie Developer Interviews – Bomb Bots Arena

Watch Maurice from Tiny Roar discuss Bomb Bots Arena with Ben Green, our Legion Community Manager!

Maurice is a developer, founder, and Game Director at Tiny Roar, an independent game development studio located in Hamburg, Germany, who started developing Bomb Bots Arena in September 2019 and released the game in June 2020. Learn how Maurice and the team worked to build Bomb Bots Arena across platforms and what changes they’re making to the game in the future!

Bomb Bots Arena is a multiplayer game where you can send Bomb Bots to online arenas or play with friends. You can play with up to 32 players from around the world and blast your frenemies away in Battle Royale mode.

Create your very own Bomb Bot by unlocking more and more parts while you progress, select your favorite loadout before heading into the Arena, and find your favorite playstyle with the following abilities:

  • Kick bombs across the Arena and make them stop just at the right spot to trap and stun your opponents.
  • Shield yourself of any harm for a brief moment but beware: The timing has to be perfect.
  • Build crates to block the enemy's path and to find great loot.
  • Jump over Bombs and other obstacles to escape deadly traps or to pressure your opponents by getting too close too fast.
  • Trigger your Bomb when you think it makes the most sense.
  • Remote Control a pesky little Bomb and chase after your rivals.
  • Punch and dash across the arena to stun your enemies.

Ready to get started with Bomb Bots Arena? Watch the video, then click here to play on Steam right now!

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