Our inaugural Lenovo Community Awards event is here!

On January 30th, we'll be hosting a special community awards event celebrating outstanding community member and moments from 2023. The event will include highlights from our Legion Gaming, Lenovo EDU, and Lenovo Pro Communities worldwide - and will be hosted by myself,  , and  (Lenovo PRO Community Manager). 

While most of the awards will be hand-picked by our Community Management team, we have a few special categories. We'd like your votes on these! Let us know your favorite game, Legion product, and Legion streamer from 2023. The results will be announced live during the show! Don't forget to tune in to see if you get an award, too Slight smile



  • This was interesting, thanks for posting the vid here!

  • That's great!thanks!

  • Loving this whole Community awards thing! Great job guys!

  • I am here live and watching.

  • I just voted! Thanks!