At Lenovo, gaming isn’t just a hobby – it’s part of who we are!

Starting this month we thought it would be fun to showcase this to the community with a roundup of what some Lenovo staff is currently playing. There’s some popular new titles of course, but you might be surprised to know we have some retro gamers as well! Take a look and of course, let us know what game you are spending time in lately and why! We would love to feature you in a roundup post soon!

Charles Morse - Sr. Web Production Specialist 

Call of Duty Warzone 3

"I've been a COD loyalist since the very first one on PC in 2003. I had to play on the lowest performance settings because my family PC was throttled to the ground by endless Limewire downloads. But now I grind on PS5 and don't download viruses in disguise as unreleased Eminem freestyles. I've always loved the pace and feel of the COD franchise over other FPS games, and their jump into the battle royale format provided my hometown friends and Army buddies a way to stay in touch, especially since the pandemic. I stick to Resurgence mode for the most part, because people play ratty on the big map. The pace for Resurgence is like old-school TDM but with more strategy involved. However, I have my eyes set on Hell Divers 2 as my next alternate go-to."

Mark Hubbard – North America Gaming Product Manager 

Megaman Battle Network 3: Blue

"I was so stoked when I saw this as a remaster in the Steam marketplace! This was one of my favorite games to play growing up with kids in the neighborhood so I'm excited to be reliving my youth on the Legion Go. It'll always be a classic game to me and I really love the combat system."

David Kunttu – ThinkCentre Product Manager 


“Every now and then I get back into Minecraft. Seems to be about once a year or two when I get the itch to build something. I enjoy trying to automate things to gather or create resources for me so I can eliminate some of the more tedious parts of the game. I have a server that a few friends play on sometimes whenever they get the urge to play. There are some interesting changes coming up, like auto-crafting and new mobs, so I wanted to start a fresh world on the server and prepare for the next update. My nephews are getting old enough where they can play, too, so I want to create a world we can hop into together.”

Christopher Piazza, Senior Global Product Marketing Lead: Lenovo Gaming

Helldivers 2

"I have been “diving” with Justin Alters from our Global Communications Team since launch with the occasional add of Sergey Balashov, EMEA Product Manager, to our squad.  What I am loving about this game so far is how each member can play to their favorite style (I am more a sniper/rifle guy) and how absurdly chaotic it can be.  Every death is iconic and worthy of the highlight reel, so we keep coming back for more."

Bryan Lail – Gaming & Student Web Merchandiser 

Helldivers 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

"Helldivers is one of those games that just grabs you from the jump. The opening cutscenes had me cackling, and once through the brief training it’s been near-50 hours of the glorious spreading of Democracy, as well as tons of laughs with friends. I’m just getting started into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but my heart already swells at the familiar tunes and open-world freedom."

Have these inspired you to try something new or revisit an old favorite? What game(s) have you been enjoying lately?

Let us know in the comments below!

  • I've never completed a final fantasy game actually.  I will probably complete FFIX first, since it has the dearest spot in my heart as the first one I played.

  • Ayyy ff7 rebirth, I'm playing it too! How are you enjoying it? I never played the original but this one improved so much from remake and just feels so good to play, and story seems really strong so far with good character interactions. 

  • Is it not a top down shooter like the first one?

  • My son is loving Helldivers 2 and I’m enjoying some 7 Days to Die lately. I’m about to dive into Pacific Drive and spend some time with it. 

  • It's nice to learn about what you are all enjoying.

    Although I've been on the fence with HellDivers 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it is Dragon's Dogma 2 that captured my attention this month. However, I've yet to play it because I've been consumed with an old game that my wife and I finally decided to play that has been sitting in our backlogs for years... Dragon Quest Builders 2!

    I'd love to know what games the Lenovo staff is looking forward to this year.