Thanks for letting us know what you’re playing!

See below for a nice roundup that some of you all posted, we threw in a few additional staff members who you might recognize!

Eduardo L – Community Member 

"Right now I am playing "LOUD: My Road to Fame". It's a great rhythm game! Think of Guitar Hero with a story, stunning artwork and original music. I highly recommend it!"


"I've been playing Like A Dragon Gaiden. I'm trying to finish it up so I can start Infinite Wealth. Though seeing Minecraft on the list makes me want to start up a new world but I mustn't as I have much to do right now. Maybe next time. Eyes"

Cory B.  

"I'm eager to get back into Diablo 2!... resurrected to be specific. Can't wait to play as soon as I get my new Lenovo laptop up and running!"

Kevin F.  

"My current games include Mechabellum for its quick strategic matches and Timberborn  for its steampunk beavers and its city building of course."

Tony G.  

"Although I've been on the fence with HellDivers 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, it is Dragon's Dogma 2 that captured my attention this month. However, I've yet to play it because I've been consumed with an old game that my wife and I finally decided to play that has been sitting in our backlogs for years... Dragon Quest Builders 2!"

Kelie Smith – Global Community Intern  

Cyberpunk w/ Phantom Liberty

"It took me a really long time before I decided to give this game a chance and I regret waiting as long as I did. I am absolutely in love with all of the characters and the stories each of them bring to the game and cannot say enough good things about the DLC Phantom Liberty alongside it. I haven't had a game make me emotional in as many ways as this has and I always rant and rave about it to anyone who asks. For those who have had this game sitting on a back burner for consideration, now is the time to enjoy it and DON'T FORGET to get Phantom Liberty too."

Daniel Cox – Community Manager  

Boneraiser Minions

"This is a fiendishly fun auto battler rogue-lite that I’ve spent WAY too much time playing. You are a necromancer, fighting through hordes of enemies using ghouls, ghosties, and various other minions you can raise to fight by your side. The wide variety of units at your dispoal, from standard ‘skelly’ minions, to the wild-card ‘Bro’ and supreme ‘Diablo’ minions, means perfecting your ideal army is seriously good fun.  

Several unique game modes, including a charming little card-battler mini game, make this a great value package (only $4.99 on Steam!). Finally, online leaderboards, weekly challenges, and ingenious in-game score modifiers give Boneraiser Minions a great little competitive core - provided you’re willing to dig for it and perfect your boneraising craft. If you enjoyed Vampire Survivors, this most certainly a title you should check out."

Matt Stadler – Content Strategist  

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

"The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was the original FFVII and I actually played it on PC in 1998. My computer would crash every time the game tried to load a cutscene and almost every time I entered a random battle, but I loved it. I have been excited about going back to that world since I finished Remake a few years ago and it doesn’t disappoint. The same great updated fighting style but now with an ‘open region’ style with SOO much to do. I’m 20 hours in and haven’t left the first region, planning on playing this one for the next few months at least!"

  • I'm mostly playing fortnite with my kids. I really want to play FFVII Rebirth.

  • I like the old Dune game and I am also into making my own bot using Inworld!

  • Helldivers sounds fun, but I kind of just want to go through my classic game and steam backlog.

  • Thank you, staff, for sharing what you are playing, it is a good list and a guide for me.

  • Spice Wars. Remember the old Dune game.