A monstrosity of a name.

Many may be wondering why Gods and Monsters has a new name, and according to VGC, it’s down to an opposition filing by Monster Energy. Monster claimed in its documents – filed two months before the name change was confirmed publicly – that God and Monsters would impact its business negatively, highlighting the energy drink company’s participation in the gaming sphere.

Ubisoft denied those claims, and probably would have won the filing; how many games are already out with the word Monster in the name? Looking at you, Monster Hunter: World. Whether Ubisoft would have won or not, they took the easier path, changing the title’s name to Immortals Fenyx Rising, with the game’s associate game director Julien Galloudec denying Monster’s filing being the reason for the name change:

“..the game changed a lot, to the point where we felt we needed a new name to be better aligned with that updated vision, so that’s where we decided to change to Immortals Fenyx Rising, a name that combines the notion of the timeless aspect of the Greek mythology with the immortals.” (Source: VGC)

Image: Ubisoft.com