In this video, Austin Evans really takes the new Lenovo Legion 9i fully apart to see what makes it tick.

If you've been curious to see what the innovative liquid cooling actually looks like, Austin has you covered this video! Head over to Austin Evans YouTube channel for news and reviews on all the latest tech.

  • Nice video, would love one some day!

  • Lenovo!!

  • This Laptop is EPIC, WOW But way out of my Price range, i could NEVER afford this EVER!  not at That price anyway! lol its nuts!Heart eyes

    • Awesome 
  • That sounds like a really amazing laptop. Seems like it could be great for editing/creating, not just gaming.

    Though honestly, as long as it does not flex and is sturdy enough I don't care if it's made of carbon fiber, aluminum or plastic. I am also not a big fan of all that RGB. If I were lucky enough to be able to afford it I hope you could turn the lightshow off, except for the backlit keyboard.