We gave Dave2D early access to the Legion Go, check out his impressions in the video above.

Dave was particularly impressed with the FPS mode and how many additional games it really opens up for you play on a handheld gaming device. Head over to Dave's channel to see all of his videos around the latest tech!

  • I am saving my $ for this!

    • I think the Legion Go is a really cool device but can there be a cheaper version of it like the switch lite where there is no removable controllers?
  • I would be so happy, to own a Lenovo Legion Go.

  • Dave2D is the best...I have followed him for years. 

  • Man Is bad when you want some thing, and lots of things comes gets in the way and you never can get it. Legion Go why you kip running away is it because is in your name, stop running and come home and I! will call you Legion is HOME! Heart eyes