Catch an exclusive dev interview!

Ben sits down with Jonathan and Sam, the duo behind Overflow Games who most recently made Madshot: Road to Madness.

Learn about the inspirations behind this Lovecraft-themed bullet heaven game. Let us know what you found the most interesting from the interview!

  • Very informative interview! Great jobThumbsup tone2

  • Thanks for the interview. 

  • Lovecraftian and bullet hell sounds really cool. I can't wait to see gameplay for this game.This is such a great story and one that I am sure many dreamed of as kids. When I was in grade school, I and my childhood friends were always discussing what kind of game we would make if we were game developers. It's so good to see the passion for gaming turn from a hobby into a game for the world to experience .I wish Jonathan and Sam great success in their aspirations. The soundtrack sounds like it will be interesting with a techno/metal sound. In the 90's, I remember when Industrial music was popular and was a fan at the time so I am envisioning it being similar to the genre. Excellent interview Ben.. .

  • Thanks guys for a lighthearted and informative interview.

  • Another great interview!