Catch an exclusive interview with 1Millions Bit Horde!

I sat down with Alexandre Kikuchi, the head at studio at 1Million Bits Horde, the creators of Spirit of the Island.

Alex was both the game designer AND programmer for the game, learn about his process and how approached game development.

  • Super interview!

  • Very interesting. Thanks for another good one.

  • I haven't heard much about this game so I am glad Ben did this interview. It is so nice to here it is has two player co-op and that Kikuchi is taking balancing so seriously when it comes to multiplayer aspect. Multiplayer games live or die by the balancing of gameplay design in my opinion. A good example as a big fan of Dead by Daylight and Battlefield series, is how both Dice and Behaviour Interactive constantly make tweaks to balancing from player feedback for the most part. If I stop playing a multiplayer it is almost always because of balancing issues assuming the game concept and foundation is sound. I will be checking this game out on Youtube after I am done with this post. Thanks for posting this video Ben. I am always looking for co-op games to play with my niece and nephew.

  • Another great interview!

  • Ben and Alex did a great job!   Listened with my morning coffee...  Maybe not as good as Alex's espresso!  LOL