Catch an exclusive dev interview with 1336 Studios!

I sit down with Brandon, CEO of the studio behind the game "Gridiron."

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  • Must be pretty good to go from 3 to 30

  • Really good interview

  • This interview is a prime example of what I enjoy about "small-time" game creators; it feels like a genuine discussion between two people who CARE ABOUT the subject they are discussing. I enjoy the moments where Brandon touched on his personal history in which his company makes a MAJOR change to the development of his game purely because they were "...not really happy with the netcode perspective..." which brings to mind certain RECENT triple-A titles and it leaves one wondering what could have been if the enthusiasm of the developer in question had been utilized in the development of a slew of large range developers.
    I particularly enjoy Brandon's contribution to the discussion; his input felt like a heart-felt input into what would otherwise have been a corporate-sponsered and mindless attention-grab. The contrast between Ben and Brandon simply highlights the two sides of the gaming media coin; the fru-fru "aesthetic" side of the big companies, and the "nice guy" small-time-developer side of independent developers. Overall, it's nice to see a genuine connection between the two sides of this vast canyon.

  • I really enjoy the contrast between these two hosts. Beyond the presentation/promotion side of things, this feels like two guys having a genuine discussion about something that matters to BOTH of them; a passion project CREATED by someone who cares, being REVIEWED by someone who cares. Beyond that, looking at the contrast between them: there is an obvious  

  • Very interesting