Maybe you remember, but a few weeks back (or whenever, time is an artificial construct these days), we gave all of you amazing Legion Gaming Community members full game copies of Big Fish and an inside look at this exciting indie game.

As part of the partnership, Corey, Big Fish’s ace developer, hopped on with our US Community Manager Ben Green to chat about his “personal masterpiece” and the ins and outs of life in the developer world. (Oh and they played Big Fish for a while too!)

Corey is a long-time modder of games, but starting developing his own from-scratch games three years, working on Big Fish for over a year. He goes into a lot of detail about what his process is, how he started world-building, easter eggs, and much more.

His biggest advice was to “follow the fun.” Basic advice, right? Makes a lot of sense, though. Don’t focus on where you end up but rather what you are doing more naturally.

You can watch the full interview at the very top of this post in the Twitch embed. It’s really a good watch/listen for any of you looking to perhaps enter this world of development.

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Any questions for Corey about Big Fish or developing indie games? Let us know in the comments and we’ll shoot them over!