Meet Jason, Lenovo's Head of Virtual Reality!

I sat down with Jason on a recent livestream to talk about his background with gaming/VR, trends happening in the AR/VR/MR space, plus tons of thoughts on generative AI and more.

Check out the interview above!

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  • I finally made time to watch this  Eyes  The focus on the enterprise market is understandable. Hopefully, there will be a breakout app or game that excites demand for XR in the consumer market at some point. OpenAI Project Sora is interesting, but the company blatantly copies existing artists' work, be it written word, music, images, and video. I have a video of an OpenAI developer stating "we just scraped the Web" for the training data to build ChatGPT. Artists should be getting paid royalties for any OpenAI profits (and related Microsoft profits by association) gained by copying artists' works. The current state of AI does not have any "Intelligence" - it simply mashes together pre-existing content. If OpenAI licenses the content, great. However, to my knowledge, it has only licensed a limited amount of content so far. I have no idea where OpenAI got the video content to create the training data for the Sora AI model... and I notice the company continues to keep this issue low key... because that would obviously hurt its bottom line. Some of the Project Sora video even looks like it might have made use of existing 3D game-play content. I'm a technologist, but I'm also an artist. Generative AI, Stable Diffusion, LLM GPT, etc. needs to be put on a leash until BigTech gets some ethics (Microsoft recently laid-off its entire AI ethics team - Now, we have Nvidia's Jensen Huang telling everyone not to learn how to code... so he can sell everyone more Nvidia AI hardware in the future. There are good and bad aspects to AI, but a lot of the bad aspects are making their presence known early on. As for VR / XR, I hope it gets lighter, more powerful, and less expensive in the near future Thumbsup   

  • Great interview!  It’s always interesting to see what’s happening with VR.  A lot of it is not for me but there’s definitely some potential when it comes to tools and accessibility.

  • Nice interview

  • Interesting interview! Not really interested in VR but this was a cool conversation.

  • Thanks or the interview!  I’m really interested in the educational uses of AR/VR/MR and how these are possible as tech evolves. The potential for asynchronous learning seems huge!