Check out Jon Rettinger's thoughts on the new Lenovo Legion Slim Gen 8 series!

The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i is a new breed of laptops that combines Intel's 13th-Gen CPU and Lenovo Legion's AI+ dedicated chip to maximize gaming performance without sacrificing portability.

If you've been interested in what the new updated AI performance in the new Legion laptops really means watch this one to see what Jon has to say!

  • Great, interesting!

  • Lenovo really does make some great products though. Nice implementation.

  • Thanks! Interesting..

  • Interesting to hear more about this from an independent source.  Does the ai chip allow Lenovo to design a laptop that's a bit slimmer than usual, because the cooling can be optimized?

  • More than a little skeptical about the commercial emerge of AI -- especially ahead of public policy & ethics.