Check out Jon Rettinger's thoughts on the new Lenovo Legion Slim Gen 8 series!

The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i is a new breed of laptops that combines Intel's 13th-Gen CPU and Lenovo Legion's AI+ dedicated chip to maximize gaming performance without sacrificing portability.

If you've been interested in what the new updated AI performance in the new Legion laptops really means watch this one to see what Jon has to say!

  • Great looking Laptop! NIce review.   Interested to see what AI will actually bring today.   Expect BIG things from AI in the future.  Some maybe a bit scary...

  • Looks good!  Interested to see the feedback on the AI tuned machines once people have had them for a bit.

  • Using AI to tune the laptop looks cool!

  • I have not have a Laptop in years and now that I am disable it might be difficult. I had two strokes so my memory is way off. This is how I will use it;' I will use it as a second brain the portability will help me when I am not at home. One Note, and Google Keeps helps, for memory reminder I use it on my phone, but the size is inconvenient. I Game, it helps me forget that I have Chronic Pain and the depression that comes with it. I create videos, they take me long time because my memory, but never give up never surrender. I write as well it helps to relax. I hope I win it, but good luck everyone, and thanks for the opportunity .

  • Lots of useful info. Very much appreciated.