Jon Rettinger is a self-described fan of gaming handhelds and 'manifested' the Lenovo Legion Go in his own words.

Watch the video to learn about what it is the draws Jon to the device and why he feels it stands out in a year of many gaming handhelds.

  • Is an amazing machine. What's not to love and the support put into it by Lenovo is second to none

  • After using many handheld PC form factor PCs over the last year like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, The Legion Go would be thr one that I would probably use as an actually handheld due to its massive and impressive screen size. These old eyes need all the screen I can get LOL

  • Great and informative video.  Very interesting device.

  • Great video. Really insightful and helpful.

  • Thanks for sharing this review! This is the most detailed review I've seen so far.