Jon Rettinger is a self-described fan of gaming handhelds and 'manifested' the Lenovo Legion Go in his own words.

Watch the video to learn about what it is the draws Jon to the device and why he feels it stands out in a year of many gaming handhelds.

  • Great video.   Most in-depth description of the Go I have seen.

  • Wow, Jon is very passionate about the GO !!!  I would likely play games that are easy to view on the smaller screen; because My eyes are not as good as when i was younger.  LOL

  • Excellent review. Hoping to win one. 

  • Every time I see another video about the Go, I see a new feature and become more and more impressed.

  • I like that he points out that this is a Windows device. It sets the Legion Go apart from the Steam deck and Steam OS. Also, the RDNA graphics are really potent.