Just the Clips: Episode 3- Apex Legends

In this episode of Legion Gaming’s Just the Clips, Michael and Duane take us on a conflict soaked tour of mistakes, mishaps, best practices, and winning strategies in Apex Legends. These wins and woops come to us via clips from fourteen gamers and, at the end, we’ll learn the identity of the coveted “featured clip.” So, whether you’re looking to learn by imitation or avoidance, let’s go!

Brett and Nikolay, each sent us clips featuring use of the grapple but each had different results. The key takeaway when using the grapple is the phrase “situational awareness,” as Brett ended up surviving the experience whereas Nikolay put the fly in the phrase, “learn on the fly.”

That term for improvisational learning style is highlighted in Sammamie's clip. Sammamie doesn’t let a few missteps put her off her game and provides a cautionary tale of running right out into the open, “it was at this moment,” Sammamie knew she, “#@%&ed up…”

Leveraging the environment — be it water feature, platform, duck-and-cover, or just good ol’ distance — worked well in three other gaming clips. Ian, Jonathan, and  , combined movement and their surroundings to bring the hurt to their opponents. To quote the eternally wise-lyrics from The House of Pain: “Jump around. Jump around. Jump up, jump up, and get down.” It also doesn’t hurt to bring an SMG and then switch up to a Peacekeeper. House of Pain, indeed.

Andrew also combined environment and weapon choice to get around a pesky downshield with a grenade. Accuracy-based sniping is great but sometimes — as in horseshoes — the bombastic carnage of an area weapon makes “almost” into “good enough.”

On the flip side, Angel…oh Angel, was fleet of foot in dodging the poison gas but, for reasons unknown, went back into the miasma. Let’s all hope Angel was wearing an N95 mask over nose AND mouth. #knowingishalfthebattle.

Donnie,  ,and  all made good choices, especially when it comes to weaponry. Wingman weapon? Yes, please. The combo of patience and decision making, while keeping up evasive maneuvers, opened up the opportunity for team kills and, in one case, the well-timed bon mot of modern battle: “EZ.”

Speaking of timing, you should check out ’s 1V2 where a little delayed gratification turned his tide of battle to 1V0. Robert didn’t fare quite as well but took the advice of Shakespeare: “Sometimes, the better part of valor is discretion,” and made a nicely-timed portal exit. He’ll be living to fight again, probably sooner than later.  

So who sent in the featured clip? Who climbs on the legendary apex of Apex Legends? It’s ! JDilla pulled off a 1V3 battle by combining all the best we’ve talked about above. JDilla kept it moving while flipping through his inventory. He turned the environment into a great ally while avoiding the missteps that took down some of our other contenders. This combo of skills, wrapped up in a stellar clip, is more important than the win and propelled JDilla to the featured spot in this episode. 



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