Just the Clips is the show all about the Legion Gaming Community doing what they do best: playing games and capturing awesome clips.

We take a look at some Apex gameplay from  , who may as well be Spider-man with the way they handle the grappling hook. Couple that with some precision shots fired and Allen becomes a force to be reckoned with. EJ shows us that sibling rivalry can become quite dramatic when lightsabers get involved. Star Wars Battlefront allows EJ to reimagine a new ending for the Luke Skywalker saga.

   shows us the dangers of flying a helicopter while being distracted. Watch out for those buildings; they’re big and they don’t move out of the way.   gets a solid win in Apex Legends and then   shows off an enormous collection of pet dinosaurs and creatures in Ark. How much does it cost to keep them fed?

   makes us almost feel sorry for the Grunts in Halo… Almost.   keeps their opponent off the platform in Multiversus and Michael takes the win in CSGO.

   is our first winner this month, keeping the high ground and taking out all other opponents in Fortnite. They also have a really cool backpack with a cat skeleton on it. We’re jealous. Our second winner is  , who maintains control of the map in League of Legends and shows us what total domination looks like.

We give a huge thanks to all the community members for sending in their clips! Check back for more giveaways and keep up the good work!

  • Great to see these clippers thriving!

  • They are cheap to feed, its more of a pain to capture them lol.

  • man that apex clip was dope, idk about the other game. seems more of a dank memer

  • Thumbsup

  • I didn't even know you guys had this channel. Thanks!