Just the Clips is the show where we feature some of our favorite gaming moments from the Legion Gaming Community. We love to get clips from everyone on the Legion Gaming Community Website, so if you have a funny moment, straight up display of amazing skill, or just an odd event unfolding on screen, send it in! Sometimes a lucky moment has to be seen to be believed. Other times, you may fall victim to a unique and hilarious glitch. In this episode, we’re getting a fantastic blend of everything!

Our first submitted clip comes from Darren who takes home a victory and the final kill in a Call of Duty match merely by chucking a random grenade at exactly the right moment. We just hope that the unfortunate victim’s controller didn’t end up broken due to Darren’s lucky shot.. Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time, Espy sends us a clip from Halo where an incoming tank gives his Warthog a tiny little love-tap,which doesn’t bode well for his nearby teammate. Gamer Flyinpanda, playing PUBG, deftly (or accidentally) flips a car right into a camping enemy player.

Taking a break from clips based on luck, we take a look at dexterously executed moves from clip submitters  , Linkin, Lukas and Minty! Based on the skill levels in these clips, there will be a lot more moves where these came from.

Gamer    sends us our most unique clip this time around, showcasing a glitch in No Man’s Sky that plays havoc with our perspective. Is he floating? Is he a giant? What is happening? We also got a good laugh from   ’s Siege clip and we just have to say “keep those doors clear.”

Finally we applaud    for sending in the winning clip! Their Half Life 2 Deathmatch clip showcased total domination. Congratulations    for winning this month’s Just The Clips prize of a brand new gaming monitor!

Huge thanks to all the community members for sending in your clips and we’ll see you again soon on the next episode of Just the Clips!

  • Working on getting caught up :D

  • Congrats on the win Neo! Glad you're enjoying it!

  • Thank you very much for the praise and the monitor, it's quite the upgrade I was using a TV with a native res of 1366x768 and max refresh rate of 60㎐, and upscaling it gave a terrible screendoor effect.  It's so nice to finally be above 60㎐, and going back to 1080p without any distortion has made gaming so much cleaner.

  • I do enjoy these Just The Clips segments but can you release them a bit more sooner? lol