This episode of Legion Optimized showcases the time-bending action game Deathloop on the all-new Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptop featuring the powerful combo of the AMD RyzenTm 7 5800H Mobile processor and the AMD RadeonTm RX 6600M graphics card. Deathloop has stunningly detailed graphics and blazing action that is enhanced by AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution or FSR. FSR is built into the game code of Deathloop and lowers the processing power to run the game at a higher resolution leading to increased frame rates. 

In Deathloop, players step into the shoes of Cole, who wakes up with a case of amnesia on the shores of a mysterious island. Cole must make his way through various zones attempting to unlock the mystery of the time loop while avoiding scores of enemies looking to take him out. If you fail, Cole starts the loop over again. At any given time, Cole can be interrupted by a real-life enemy player taking on the role of Juliana, his nemesis, who is determined to keep the time loop intact.

The Lenovo Legion 5, AMD Advantage edition is the perfect gaming laptop to play Deathloop on as it is built for speed and has incredible features that are exclusive to all AMD systems, like AMD Smart Access Memory and AMD SmartShift. Inside the AMD Adrenalin Edition app, AMD Smart Access Memory is already activated. This allows AMD Ryzen processors to harness the full potential of the graphics card memory.

AMD SmartShift technology, which dynamically shifts power in your laptop, will boost performance for gaming, video editing, 3D rendering, content creation and productivity. SmartShift is already built into the Lenovo Legion AMD advantage edition gaming laptop and works automatically when pairing the AMD Ryzen 5000 series processor with the AMD Radeon RX 6600M graphics card.

The Lenovo Legion 5, AMD Advantage edition gaming laptop is built for speed and delivers an amazing display via the premium 15" QHD high-fidelity, ultra-fast 165 Hz screen. Get the absolute most out of Deathloop when you take advantage of AMD smart technologies which work to unlock performance through exclusive AMD configured systems like the Lenovo Legion 5, AMD Advantage edition.

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  • The truth is that Deathloop is not only an original and well-designed game, it is also visually stunning. The story doesn't disappoint either.
    The only bad thing would be that it needs a lot of VRAM.

  • Sick laptop! Mine's kind of a potato as far as specs are concerned, but somehow still runs everything fine.

  • The smart shift tech sounds very cool, doesn't look like NVIDIA has anything like it.  

  • its nice, but they should offer higher wattage laptops with better power efficient GPUs to offer the same performance as a desktop.

  • yooo that was pretty lit, except you should add higher wattage, because the more power equals more fps.