On this special episode of Legion Talk, Michael and Duane get hyped!
Getting hyped about video games can be fun and exciting, but most gamers know that hype for an anticipated title can be a complicated emotion. We’ve been burned before, but we’ve also had a lot of fun watching trailers and getting pumped for new games.

We discuss some of our favorite trailers and reveals in gaming history. Internet favorite Keanu Reeves blew us away with his ‘breathtaking’ reveal in Cyberpunk 2077 on the E3 stage. We don’t mind hanging out with him for hours in the Cyberpunk world.

We look back at the stunning paradigm shift for GTA’s graphics when the trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV dropped. Gone were the mitten-hands of the original 3D trilogy era. We still can’t get over the stumble physics in that game. Falling down the stairs has never been this fun.

So many great reveals, so much hype. Of course, we recognize that sometimes, our hype led to great disappointment. The world waited a decade for Duke Nukem Forever and sadly, expectations were far from met when it finally arrived. Many people get so excited for new and upcoming games that they take a vacation day from work. So when a game lets you down, there are more than just lowered expectations at stake.

In the end, hype can be fun, but those who have unrealistically high expectations will only get let down. Do you let yourself get hyped? Or have you been burned too many times? What were some of your favorite game reveals? Let us know in the comments and check out the many other episodes of Legion Talk, here on the Legion Gaming Community site!

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  • yooo

  • Legion Talk gets an A+. Great presentation.

  • Skyrim is the only game that met and exceeded my hype. When the trailer released I thought it was too good to be true, but it wasn't.

  • Nowadays I would recommend 1) not buying pre releases for games, or even at launch, and wait for reviews, and 2) if you are hyped for a game, wait patiently for it even if the release date needs to be pushed back a lot. #1 would allow terrible recycled games like Madden, Battlefield 2042, etc to receive a serious shock when no one buys it early, letting the bosses know that people don't want the same thing over and over, and #2 would allow games that had a lot of hype to them that ended up being unfinished and lacking upon release (No Man's Sky, Cyberpunk, Battlefront 2015, etc) to stay in production longer and release in a complete state, because the development studio would not feel the public outrage and pressure (which would be due to hype) when they announce they need to push back the release date to finish the game.

  • Cool video! Unfortunately, as somewhat of a new gamer, in this day and age I find hype to be pointless. On one hand it is bad for the studio as it puts more pressure on them to finish the game quickly, but still have it come out perfect, and on the other hand it can cause large groups of gamers to spend lots of money at launch, or even in pre release, on a game that ends up being less than stellar and leaves them unhappy with less money.