Legion Talk is a show where we sit down and discuss the best moments in video games, the trends and the tropes, and even some of the craziest surprises that we have experienced. The world of gaming is vast and nearly endless and there's always something fun to talk about.

On this week's episode of Legion Talk, Michael and Duane talk about ‘wow moments’ in video games. These are the moments that are unforgettable and sometimes jaw-dropping. Certainly, this episode could have been nine hours long but we discuss a few choice moments over a long history of video games blowing our minds.

Shadow of the Colossus certainly took gamers to new places with its unique gameplay and all inspiring moments. Conquering these giants was memorable for just about any player who played it and it all seemed to come down to how everything was presented: the look, the mystery, the music, and even the physics.

Just Cause 2 came along and couldn’t be any more different than a game like Shadow of the Colossus, but it was still a wow moment for us! Letting gamers act out their wildest Michael Bay fantasies was truly something to behold.

We go back and talk about the advent of open-world games in general. Games like GTA III and Morrowind bringing day/night cycles to games and the freedom to walk your own path was new and exciting once. Minecraft and Dying Light took the concept and made the night scarier.

Duane remembers massive multiplayer mayhem in Battlefield 1942 and Michael remembers getting hacked by another player in Watchdogs. Games are certainly playing with new ideas in multiplayer all the time. We’re excited to see what they come up with next.

We talk about the Portal series, Max Payne, Shadow of Mordor and more! What was your favorite ‘wow moment’ in video games? Check it all out in this week's episode of Legion Talk!


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