We’re kicking off a new monthly series here at the Legion Gaming Community called Legion Update!

It's all about keeping you informed on all the cool stuff happening this month. We’ve got giveaways, new game releases and other things to talk about so take a look at the video now!

You’ll want to make sure you pick up the Converge wallpaper this month to really make your Legion Gaming gear pop. For fans of the games Gridiron or Fatal Core, we’ve got some codes remaining for some in-game items. You can go claim those right now! For those in the US, you can submit a clip to the clip contest for the chance to win a new gaming monitor. We love seeing those clips, send them in!

We’re also pumped about some new game releases. There’s so much good stuff we can’t talk about it all, but we’ve decided to highlight a few here on the show. We’re excited to finally play Spider-Man on PC. In Cult of Lamb, we’re ready to join this adorable little cult and see where it takes us. We’re strapping on our old roller skates for Rollerdome, and we’re excited for the newest Saints Row, which seems to be a fantastic return to form for the series!

For those in the UK, there’s a new contest called the Legion Post of the Month where someone will win a new gaming headset and mouse pad, just for being a great active community member! In both the UK and US we have a laptop giveaway as well, so make sure you enter!

What new game releases are you excited about? What is happening in your gaming world?
Any questions for Michael and Duane?
Leave a comment below and we will start featuring your remarks on later episodes!

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