Michael and Duane are back with another episode of Legion Update and September is looking like a great month!
We’ve got giveaways, new game releases and other things to talk about so watch the video now!

We touch on a few interesting gaming news items like new game delays and older games receiving modern support. While delays are no fun, we understand it if it will make the game better! Community Feedback: Which game delay has hurt you the most? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll read through some of them in our next episode!

We’d also love to answer any questions you might have for us, so you can ask right here in the comments and we’ll try to answer in our next episode. For now we touch on the all-important question for a PC Gamer: Desktop or Laptop? If you want that Desktop or Laptop screen to really pop you can head over and grab the new “Rival” wallpaper or for a more natural look, grab “Ascent.”

We’ve still got some Keys for the Otaku Vehicle pack for the game Crossout, so we invite you to go grab a code for yourself, and when you get that awesome clip of some epic vehicle destruction, why don’t you send the clip over to the contest and become eligible to win a gaming mouse. (US Only).

We’re also pumped about some new game releases, like Steelrising, Metal Hellsinger and Slime Rancher! If you want to claim some games for free, we have a couple of great games for you to grab! Tale of Bistun and Deadpoly! As always, watch for new giveaways to go live at any moment!

In the US we have a laptop giveaway as well, so make sure you enter!

What new game releases are you excited about?
What is happening in your gaming world?
Any questions for Michael and Duane?
Leave a comment below and we will start featuring your remarks on later episodes!

  • Love the update, thanks for the info.

  • Really cool video. Keep posting these!

  • love that Atari Star Wars arcade game cabinet that you have in the background 

  • Thank You guys for looking after all these gaming commitments! Please let me know when Silksong is coming

  • I'll do some digging on this. Thanks for the comment Deadfishbob!